Dev Log #01: Website Acquires “Up” Status

I’m writing here with the objective of maintaining status updates for The Ice Caves (and eventually, other major projects). But not just because it would be nice if I did.

So why then?

Three reasons.

  • Because I want you to have a place that helps navigate the avalanche of updates that are soon to be released in what is currently referred to as, ‘The Big Update’. It’s been about six months of radio silence, but not because the game has been abandoned. Quite the opposite, compadre.
  • Accountability. There are a lot of overall goals to be implemented down the pipeline, but having a direct, unfettered way to communicate everything that’s happening within the devlog is an important part of the process. Since the update that is soon to be released involves networking, in more sense than one, community updates are necessary as well. More to come on this.
  • Simply, well, because lists work better in threes. Or so I was told, once upon a time.

A thorough, well-documented list of *very* exciting updates and changes is to come shortly, so stay tuned friends, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support in turning this dream into a real working project.

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